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The price of the embroideries made by machine is consisting from two parts :

  • It is a programmed preparation of pattern  in the system of datas for the respective embroiding machine (Toyota, Tajima…). The unit price of program depends on the complexity of embroidery and its size and varies in the range from CZK 100,- and higher. From this it is clear that the price of program is calculated into the requested number of embroideries and it will be different for 100 pcs and different for 10 pcs.

  • The second part of the price is the manufacture of the own embroidery. This is depending on the time necessary for embroiding, in another words, on the number of stitches which are necessary for embroiding of requested motive. The number of colours has no influence on the price and we can manufacture the embroidery up to 9 colours in one pattern.

 From the above is resulting that we are able to give you information about the approximate price at the approximate 10 percent tolerance, if you send us :

  • Picture of requested embroidery (by mail, fax or e-mail in forms jpeg, bmp, pcx, cdr)

  • Your quote its requested size (change of size = change of price)

  • Your quote approximately requested number of pieces  

  • Delivery time – 14 days

The price of screen print and flock is consisting of preparation of manufacture before the own print and the own print :

Pre-manufacture stage presents :

  • Preparation of own motive (you spare if you have the pattern already made by computer)

  • Preparation of printons for exposure of screens

  • Coating and exposure of screens

  • The own print


The price for this preparation is calculated into the total price of print of flock and the total price will be then different for 100 pcs and different for 10 pcs.

With regard to the great number of factors necessary for responsible stipulation of price the following informations from you are necessary :

  • Stage of elaboration of datas for print (only picture, preparation on computer on CD-Corel, delivery of ready printons)

  • Requested number of pieces - number of colours - size (for instance A7, A4…)