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  • (artificial velvet in the form of logo) by method screen printed coating of adhesive and we recommend following high – tensioned application there where  one-coloured areas are bigger and above embroidery would be unnecessarily expensive (for instance lack of business suits), or where the print would impress cheaply (anoraks, sporting costumes…

Production stages of flock :

  • preparation of the own motive (you spare if you have the pattern already prepared by computer)
  • prepared of printons for exposure of screens
  • coating and exposure of screens
  • the own application

Print of sporting costumes numbers, names, titles of teams:

  •  we are making by cutting on the plotter and ironing of special foils according to pattern book. The quality of print of such printed cotton and polyester textiles is excellent. Foil holds out the temperature at washing up to 60o C. We are producing printing of T-shirts for various sport branches. The number of sporting costumes can be from one to several tens of pieces.

Flock may be applied on simple materials (without lining) and on the places without seams!!!