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We are a family company and the beginning of its activities in the area of embroideries started in 1991 when it came into being as one of the first companies in former Czechoslovakia. We are a direct manufacturing company, and we are executing the offered activities ourselves without any dealer.

By using of several one-headed embroiding automatic machines Toyota, SWF and four-headed embroiding machine Tajima.

Not everywhere is possible to applicate embroidery therefore our activity has been enlarged from the half of nineties by technology Flock and Screen Process Painting.
We are able to satisfy the customer with any method, if there is proved that the one chosen by him is not just the most convenient or less economical.

Moreover, we are using very often a combination of various methods under one roof (for instance a  small embroidery on the breast, a big printing on the back of T-shirts).

 Výšivky  Hort & HortováIn spite of the fact that the primary seat of the company has been Brno, its activity is spread on the whole territory of the Czech Republic and by means of orders of manufacturing companies in the field of textile also for a number  of European countries and the U.S.A. In order to make contacts with clients easier we have the further branch in Praha.